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Pet walking in Guadalajara

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‘Pet walking’ in Guadalajara

Yari Lilibeth B.

1 review
1 order
ID verified
Me encanta andar en bicicleta. Quiero aprovechar y realizar entregas de cosas pequeñas, pago de servicios, etcétera. Ocasionalmente también realizo labores de limpieza :D
Muy profesional, recomiendo ampliamente, cuido a mi perrito.
Cassandra Pérez, 1 year ago

Freddy Josue M.

5 reviews
5 orders
ID verified
Paseo de perros personalizado, más de 3 años de experiencia en análisis y observación del comportamiento canino para corregir de forma individual los problemas de comportamiento de su mejor amigo.
Súper bien! Me estresaba un poco usar la app para dejar a mi perro, pero el chico es muy profesional. Me gusta que mandan la ubicación en tiempo real y si requieres video o fotos
Haidée Garcia, 1 year ago
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'Pet walking' in Guadalajara city

What is included in a dog walking service in Guadalajara?

The dog walking service in Guadalajara involves a professional walker taking your pet for a walk. This service is not just about physical exercise; it's about providing your dog with mental stimulation, socialization, and the opportunity to explore new environments. Especially for pet owners with busy schedules or physical limitations, these services ensure that your furry friends receive the necessary care and attention. Professional walkers are trained to handle dogs of all sizes and temperaments and can tailor the walking experience to meet the individual needs of each dog.

How can I find a reliable dog walker in Guadalajara using inDrive.Services?

Finding a dog walker in Guadalajara through inDrive.Services is a simple process:
  • Visit the inDrive.Services website and navigate to the "Dog Walking" category.

  • Fill out a form detailing your specific needs, such as the frequency and duration of walks and any special requirements your dog may have.

  • Once the form is submitted, the platform quickly connects you with local dog walkers, usually in less than 5 minutes**, offering you a variety of options.

  • Review the profile of each walker, including their experience, customer reviews, and ratings, helping you make an informed decision.

What are the main benefits of hiring a dog walker through inDrive.Services in Guadalajara?

Hiring a dog walker through inDrive.Services in Guadalajara offers several important benefits:
  • Speed and efficiency: The platform quickly connects you with available dog walkers in your area, usually within less than 5 minutes** of posting your request.

  • Wide selection: You have access to a wide range of dog walkers, each with unique skills and experiences.

  • Rating system: The platform has a transparent rating and review system, allowing you to choose a walker based on real experiences of other pet owners.

  • Direct negotiations: You can discuss and agree on the price directly with the dog walker, giving you control over the cost of the service.

  • Safety and trust: All dog walkers on inDrive.Services go through a verification process, including identity and background checks, ensuring the safety and reliability of the service.

Is it possible to book a dog walking service in Guadalajara on short notice through inDrive.Services?

Yes, it is possible to book a dog walking service on short notice in Guadalajara through inDrive.Services. The platform is designed for quick and efficient matches, making it ideal for last-minute needs. Many dog walkers on the platform offer flexible schedules to accommodate urgent requests, ensuring that your dog doesn't miss out on daily exercise and stimulation, even when your plans change unexpectedly.

What is the typical duration of dog walking sessions offered in Guadalajara by inDrive.Services?

The typical duration of dog walking sessions in Guadalajara through inDrive.Services can vary, but most walks last between 30 minutes and an hour. This duration is flexible and can be adjusted based on your dog's health, age, energy level, and personal schedule. Longer walks are usually available for more active dogs, while shorter and more frequent walks can be arranged for older dogs or those with lower energy levels.

What is the average cost of dog walking services in Guadalajara?

The average cost of dog walking services in Guadalajara can vary based on several factors, such as the duration of the walk, the size and breed of the dog, and any additional services required during the walk. inDrive.Services allows you to compare different price proposals from various dog walkers, giving you the flexibility to choose a service that fits your budget. As the platform facilitates direct negotiations, you can discuss and reach an agreement on a fair price with the dog walker, ensuring transparency and satisfaction with the cost of the service.
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