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Pet walking in Merida

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‘Pet walking’ in Merida

Yari Lilibeth B.

1 review
1 order
ID verified
Me encanta andar en bicicleta. Quiero aprovechar y realizar entregas de cosas pequeñas, pago de servicios, etcétera. Ocasionalmente también realizo labores de limpieza :D
Muy profesional, recomiendo ampliamente, cuido a mi perrito.
Cassandra Pérez, 1 year ago

Freddy Josue M.

5 reviews
5 orders
ID verified
Paseo de perros personalizado, más de 3 años de experiencia en análisis y observación del comportamiento canino para corregir de forma individual los problemas de comportamiento de su mejor amigo.
Súper bien! Me estresaba un poco usar la app para dejar a mi perro, pero el chico es muy profesional. Me gusta que mandan la ubicación en tiempo real y si requieres video o fotos
Haidée Garcia, 1 year ago
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'Pet walking' in Merida city

What services are available from dog walkers in Merida on inDrive.Services?

Dog walkers in Merida offer various services, including regular dog walking sessions, pet sitting, feeding, etc.

What is the average cost of dog walking services in Merida?

The cost of dog walking services in Merida varies depending on factors such as duration, frequency, and additional services required. For an accurate estimate, submit your request on our platform and review the proposals provided by dog walkers.

Can dog walkers from inDrive.Services accommodate special requests or requirements for my pet?

You can find various dog walkers on inDrive.Services who are experienced in handling various breeds and temperaments, as well as accommodating special requests such as administering medications, adhering to dietary restrictions, or providing extra attention and exercise.

How can I ensure the safety of my pet while using inDrive.Services to find a dog walker in Merida?

You can ensure your pet's safety by:
  • Choosing verified and highly-rated dog walkers with positive reviews from previous clients.

  • Communicating openly with the selected dog walker about your pet's needs, behavior, and any specific instructions.

  • Meeting the dog walker in person before scheduling regular walks to assess compatibility and ensure a good rapport with your pet.

  • Providing clear guidelines and emergency contact information to the dog walker.

Are there any additional services available besides dog walking on inDrive.Services in Merida?

Yes, in addition to dog walking, you can find various pet care services on our platform, including pet sitting, grooming, training, pet transportation, and veterinary care. Simply specify your requirements in the service request form.

How can I book recurring dog walking sessions with a preferred dog walker on inDrive.Services?

After selecting a dog walker for your initial session, you can discuss the possibility of scheduling recurring walks directly with them. Many dog walkers offer flexible arrangements and can accommodate regular schedules based on your preferences and your pet's needs.
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