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Housekeeper in Ciudad de México

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‘Housekeeper’ in Mexico city

Perla F.

1 review
1 order
ID verified
¡Buenas tardes! Soy una señora de 31 años y he trabajado en labores del hogar desde los 14, puedo ayudar a lavar, planchar, cocinar y con la limpieza de su hogar. Tengo experiencia en trabajos de planta sin embargo ahora como soy mamá busco empleos de entrada por salida. También tengo experiencia con niños si así lo requiere. Cuento con referencias para su seguridad.
Súper profesional, puntual y muy bien hecha; excelente trabajo muy recomendable!!!!
Luz Aurelia Muñoz, 4 months ago

Noelia M.

2 reviews
2 orders
ID verified
Limpieza en general lavandería planchar, cuidar niños hago comida soy responsable y honesta.
Dedicada, sin afanes siguió las indicaciones, muy buen trabajo.
Diana Rodríguez, 2 months ago

Estela Irazu N.

3 reviews
3 orders
ID verified
limpieza profunda de casas te puedo ayudar desmanchar tus pisos, azulejos de cosina y baños etc. Tambien ofresco servicio de electricidad como conecciones de toma corriente,apagadores,bajadas y detectar cortos trabjo bien echo
un excelente trabajo muy ordenada dedicada y de mucha confianza hace vale su trabajo
Daniel Arturo Ayala Medina, 5 months ago
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'Housekeeper' in Mexico city city

Why is it important to hire a Professional Housekeeper?

Hiring professional housekeeping services means investing in the health, well-being, and aesthetics of your home.

What are the reasons to use inDrive.Services to find verified housekeepers?

  • Variety of Professionals: The platform offers a wide range of professionals to meet all your needs, whether it's a cleaner for specific jobs, a housekeeper for regular services, or specialists in particular areas.
  • Verified Specialists: inDrive.Services takes safety and customer satisfaction seriously. That's why it ensures that all professionals go through a rigorous verification process, from identity checks to criminal background checks.
  • Convenience in Searching: with inDrive.Services, you can find a cleaner or housekeeper in Mexico City in a matter of minutes.
  • Transparency in Ratings: The platform offers a robust system of reviews and feedback. Before making a selection, you can see previous experiences of other customers with the professional in question.

How can I book services in Mexico City on inDrive.Services?

Here are the steps to book a service through inDrive.Services:
Choose the service category;
Select the service you need;
Complete a brief form to provide specialists with the request details;
Submit the request and start receiving proposals from specialists 7 minutes* after posting it;
Choose the most suitable specialist based on qualifications, reviews, portfolio, profile, and price;
Contact your preferred specialist(s) and discuss all order details;
Receive the service. Mark it as completed and remember to rate the specialist, as this helps other customers make informed decisions.

What are the advantages of inDrive.Services in Mexico City?

Here are some of the advantages of choosing inDrive.Services:
Easy Ordering Process: Complete a quick form to place your order.
Quick Responses: Receive initial offers from specialists within 7 minutes* of sending your request.
Informed Decision-Making: Choose a specialist based on qualifications, reviews, portfolio, or prices that match your preferences.
Price Negotiation: You are in control. The customer sets the price or selects the option when specialists propose their prices, and then the customer and specialist discuss all order details and negotiate the price directly, without platform interference. Payment is also made directly from the customer to the specialist.
Trusted Experts: All specialists go through a verification process, including identity and criminal background checks.

How often should I hire a housekeeper?

The ideal frequency for hiring a housekeeper largely depends on the needs and lifestyle of each family or individual. If you have a large family, children, or pets, consider hiring a housekeeper daily or at least three times a week to keep everything in order. On the other hand, if you live alone or have a busy lifestyle, weekly or bi-weekly visits may be sufficient.

How to choose between a housekeeper and a cleaning service?

The choice between hiring a housekeeper or a cleaning service often depends on your specific needs and budget. A housekeeper may be more suitable if you need regular cleaning and organization, as well as other tasks like cooking or childcare. On the other hand, a cleaning service can be ideal if you want sporadic cleaning, deep cleaning, or cleaning for specific occasions.

When should I hire a daily cleaner or housekeeper in Mexico City?

The best time to hire a cleaner is when you feel that maintaining your home affects your quality of life or takes up too much of your free time. Additionally, on special occasions, such as parties or events, having a professional to ensure everything is impeccable can be an excellent choice.
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