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‘Housekeeper’ in Santiago de Queretaro

Perla F.

1 review
1 order
ID verified
¡Buenas tardes! Soy una señora de 31 años y he trabajado en labores del hogar desde los 14, puedo ayudar a lavar, planchar, cocinar y con la limpieza de su hogar. Tengo experiencia en trabajos de planta sin embargo ahora como soy mamá busco empleos de entrada por salida. También tengo experiencia con niños si así lo requiere. Cuento con referencias para su seguridad.
Súper profesional, puntual y muy bien hecha; excelente trabajo muy recomendable!!!!
Luz Aurelia Muñoz, 4 months ago

Noelia M.

2 reviews
2 orders
ID verified
Limpieza en general lavandería planchar, cuidar niños hago comida soy responsable y honesta.
Dedicada, sin afanes siguió las indicaciones, muy buen trabajo.
Diana Rodríguez, 2 months ago

Estela Irazu N.

3 reviews
3 orders
ID verified
limpieza profunda de casas te puedo ayudar desmanchar tus pisos, azulejos de cosina y baños etc. Tambien ofresco servicio de electricidad como conecciones de toma corriente,apagadores,bajadas y detectar cortos trabjo bien echo
un excelente trabajo muy ordenada dedicada y de mucha confianza hace vale su trabajo
Daniel Arturo Ayala Medina, 5 months ago
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'Housekeeper' in Santiago de Queretaro city

What services do housekeepers offer in Santiago de Queretaro?

Housekeepers in Santiago de Queretaro provide a range of services to help maintain a clean and organized home. This includes general cleaning tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, changing bed linens, laundry, and other household chores as needed.

Do housekeepers from inDrive.Services offer both regular and deep cleaning services in Santiago de Queretaro?

Yes, absolutely! Housekeepers on inDrive.Services platform in Santiago de Queretaro offer both regular cleaning services for ongoing maintenance and deep cleaning services for thorough and detailed cleaning sessions. Whether you need weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or one-time deep cleaning, our professionals can accommodate your needs.

How can I hire the services of a housekeeper through inDrive.Services in Santiago de Queretaro?

Hiring a housekeeper through inDrive.Services in Santiago de Queretaro is a simple process:
  • Visit the inDrive.Services website or app and select the "Housekeeping" category.

  • Fill out a form providing details about your cleaning requirements, including the frequency of service, specific tasks, and any other preferences you may have.

  • Receive proposals from housekeepers within a short time, typically within 5 minutes*.

  • Review the profiles, ratings, reviews, and pricing of each housekeeper to make an informed decision.

  • Contact the chosen housekeeper to discuss the details of your cleaning needs and finalize the arrangement.

Enjoy professional housekeeping services tailored to your schedule and preferences.

What payment options are available for housekeeping services in Santiago de Queretaro?

Payments for housekeeping services in Santiago de Queretaro are made directly to the housekeeper. You can choose from various payment methods, including cash, bank transfer, or any other convenient option agreed upon with the housekeeper.

Can I schedule housekeeping services for specific dates and times in Santiago de Queretaro?

Yes, you have the flexibility to schedule housekeeping services for dates and times that suit your schedule in Santiago de Queretaro. Whether you need services during weekdays, weekends, or evenings, our housekeepers are ready to accommodate your preferences.

Are additional services beyond the standard housekeeping package available in Santiago de Queretaro?

Yes, you can customize your housekeeping service package in Santiago de Queretaro to include additional tasks such as refrigerator cleaning, oven cleaning, interior window cleaning, organizing closets, and more. Simply discuss your requirements with the housekeeper during the booking process.

How do I provide feedback about the housekeeping services received in Santiago de Queretaro?

Your feedback is important to us! After receiving housekeeping services in Santiago de Queretaro, you can provide feedback through the inDrive App or website. We use this feedback to improve our services and ensure customer satisfaction.

What are the benefits of using inDrive.Services to find housekeepers in Santiago de Queretaro?

Here are the benefits of using inDrive.Services for housekeeping services in Santiago de Queretaro:
  • Swift responses from housekeepers: Receive proposals from housekeepers within minutes of submitting your request.

  • Verified professionals: All housekeepers undergo thorough verification to ensure reliability and expertise.

  • Transparent pricing: Know the cost upfront and avoid surprises.

  • Convenient scheduling: Schedule services at your convenience, whether it's for regular maintenance or deep cleaning.

  • Quality service: Expect professional assistance tailored to your specific cleaning needs.
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